March 6, 2007

Skiffle Groups

I have come across unprofessional music groups who perform even better than a few pro. bands, and i am quite sure that almost everyone who lives in big cities like LA(although never been there) Ny as well as around Europe, London etc, are familiar with seeing people in the street, usually gathered at parks and public places, subway stations, and of people of both genders standing at their fixed positions and singing, playing instruments and even dancing. When Jazz music began in the 1920's and was soon liked and adopted by many.
great artists like Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, "King Oliver", Jelly Roll Mortonthe were introduced in the field and were soon proved to be Kings of the kind. The need for producing good music was booming. Many saw it as the perfect way to express themselves. Becoming well known wasn't the initial motive though.

dURING THE EARLY 50's Jazz music was related to the wealthy and those who could attend to go to a Jazz concert for example.The idea of creating music spread out really quick and especially among those who were talented but couldn't afford to buy instruments due to the high prices. So these people, mostly an African American majority began forming Skiffle groups.Using any means available like match boxes, empty bottles and metals, what they were doing was actually manufacturing hand made instruments and using them to entertain people as well as make their living. The main reason for doing that was to pay off the rent and bills. Skiffle groups became popular all over and producing your own piece of instrumental device wasn't very complicated but totally inexpensive.
Skiffle groups became famous and still impress and share their fun and excitment with us. Creating a Skiffle Group cannot actually be planned simply because it is rather spontaneously and naturally the way these bands come together.
I am personally caught by this one guy who uses empty paint cases made of plastic, together with two wooden sticks . In a Drum N' Bass rhythm , this guy hits faster than you can imagine..the sound is so good that it is quite hard to detect a mistake. He must be making really good living out of that. No doubt, he is a musician who expresses himself informally but in a relatively unique way. He could definetely perform on higher standards because he is extremely talented. One can usually see this dude at Lex. station, taking the 6 uptown train.
All of the great Jazz Stars mentioned above were nothing else but skiffle members who gradually reached the top and became rich, famous and well respected by all.

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