April 13, 2008

We the Pigeons

All seemed to be different after the cold days passed, leaving the sun warming us up a little, provide palnts with more photosynthetic energy, make us more energetic with a lethargic element at the same time, make us appear sexier both males and females, even dogs and squirrels cheered up.
People were everywhere, sitting on benches, laying down in the grass, read, sing, speak or sleep. Some were playing chess, others were working together to set up a stage for a show that was about to begin. A few vendors were promoting their paintings, jeweleries, others were protesting strongly expressing beliefs, ideologies, religions, political views and many more.
What makes you different from these other two-leg creatures that are wondering around and moving no different from pigeons? All is becoming one, all parts of nature interconnect and make a big but rather minimal picture when compared to the whole. Each providing a piece of a huge puzzle never to have been solved by anyone, it won't be solved; the puzzle of nature is an endless picture only visible to the invisible.
What makes me different from you? The fact that you are standing there and I am standing here, you are reading a newspaper there and I am eating a sandwich right next to you. Only our point in time differentiates us from the rest of the mass. We are nothing but ash, deciding when to be scattered around in circles in this attractive playground called earth. Really, we are no different than pigeons!However, all is moving well and the present finds me in happiness therefore there isn't a reason to worry about the future.
Let the sunrays penetrate you, you need it! You deserve it!