January 6, 2013

always read something you like with the music you like. Deep Dub reggay recommended.

Jnauary of 2013 began powerfully. the plan is being set and i am ready to make the big next personal step in the field of my major interest. Until then. A website is to be created shortly together with an application to make my professional life more productive and provide practicality to the clients.

1.mik an stel party new years-dj spinning non stop , nothing else to remeber from that night.
this kinda' mode after some time 21.12.13

2.hor. gon. wild pre party above- How could i forget my loved one- Ewe ? she becomes party beast once she has a Red bull. She is magic dancing and feeling it!

 After getting almost done with the first phase of the website's content leaving a friend professional programmer create drupal. the logo has been designed and I am really excited. too many papers filled with notes, business plan, a feasibility study and a lot other things keep me fascinated but my stomach is a litle tight. It could be the cold.

Being here now and being totally aware of it is the only reality.

That reminds of an arab proverb that goes; 'the life we live in is so comlex, if you are not driven mad by it you are not sane.'

confidence, persistence and sincerity are the key!

lets go..