March 7, 2013

katy is the cat ewe brought, a six year old female with a relaxing eye that becomes worried when Alice approaches. Alice is a 3 year old, single-eye cat who gets energetic with no apparent reason and keeps moving around the flat making noise. When she gets lonely the leather chair and the bed calm her down.
Yesterday Jlo was laying on her towel-bed as usually staring at me and looking for attention. While preparing for a soccer game and having her half a meter away from where i was moving i thought that she needed to play a little. In half an hour we were at F. private soccer field. Jlo was chasing the ball for 70 minutes, up and down, non stop, conditioned to the frequent times the ball went onto the net. She was kicking it with her big black head and getting excited while being outside the net the entire time. She could have been good at defense if a player wouldn't show up, she is tough to play around with for a long time. She is a 3 year old restless black retriever.
These are my animals. These creatures cause euphoric reactions to myself. I can't stop enjoying their company. Although dogs are more fun to be around with, cats are super cool for not paying attention to anything other than insects and food. Chase, Eat, Sleep. They are lazy and do not worry.
They also do not need to visit their dentist for root canals and crowns.