December 9, 2007

He arrived early bringing a couple of beers, listening to some music beforehand elevated our mood.
We arrived at the place that was relatively close to the neighborhood. Two men were standing outside the door welcoming the crowd that looked fancy, modern, something real somehow exotic. A real passion for exclusive parties. This time it was a warehouse that welcomed a band of six ,playing different tunes that reminded me of movies during the sixties. Beautiful women and dancing souls. the ultimate freedom brought together when strangers gather in a room that requires strong eye contact and spontaneous reactions, the real self with the ultimate goal to get f..... up but maybe not. It doesn't matter.Let go of any fear and stress though one must be careful what to smoke because smoking is harmful to your health. A loft-alike warehouse, decorated with abstract paintings, three dj like booths powered by the apple known as Mac, colorful projectors, psychedelic lighting, all teeth shiny white. It was like having a mushroom experience without even touching the damn thing. Amazing!
A chillout room with one of the greatest logos of times, a picture of Bob the Rastafarian, the idle of freedom. his times have past and do not match with today's reality and fast pace but there is always some room for this kind of entertainment. Feeling just like a king, a social king who enjoys the moment like nothing else. it cannot be happening forever because it is too romantic to the senses,a great experience worth of waiting for the next time. The cute little faces all trapped under the spell of joy. Would you share such a trip? It is at least a way to beat the system. easy living is not essential but happy living always!
Rest and keep me posted..

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