September 26, 2007

philosophical investigations

-I can feel it old man! can you hear me? i am saying that i can feel this deep greatness that comes from the inside of me.
-What do you exactly mean handsome man?
-All the world appears to be making perfect sense to me master, especially at night when i gather all the memories i had through out the day and i am totally satisfied with all i have accomplished. I can enjoy a silence that has never been felt by me. My mind conquers the entire world, it grasps ultimate truths and feels passionate to define even more truths. Truths that expain the universe.
-Well, i see what you are saying and i am impressed of the way you think. Seems like your life is a bright light that shows the way all along the life's dark tunnel. However, you will have to hold your horses for a while and leave what you understand behind. Just tell me your age.
-Does it matter? a kid only sixteen months was able to speak a language different that the one he was brought up with. How will you expalin that?
-How old are you?
-I am in the mid 20's.
-I can see a great man inside of you boy, i can see your eyes reflecting the truth and you bring a meaning that overshadows beliefs from past centuries. It is your very great experience that guides you through all these my son. It is your self-enlightment that has profoundly changed the way you think and act.
-I am a part of everyone that i have met, i not only use my brain but also any other brain that i find in front of me. I just take it, mentally reinstall it and then use it. This way enables me to gather all things together, filter them and then make them rational judgements that lead my life and fuse my considerations all together in a new less confused intellect although i am a complicated human being. Does all this make sense to you great man?
-If it all makes perfect sense to you friend then there is no one able to say the opposite. It stands true and firm from your standpoint it is then the way you lead your life. I have a few other things to discuss with you regarding your intellect, your senses and your identity.
-Well, i am tired now. i will come and meet you again at the same exact point.