November 20, 2007

elegance, puro character

The week has passed quick this time. priorities are met, daily exercise works fine so far, the music is playing at normal volume settings, the harmony penetrates my ears and enriches my soul. Any worrying isn't necessary at that point. what have you to lose? anything you have gained at that time belongs to you and only you, great prerequisites to lead your path.
Never underestimate the power of thinking. Surrender yourself into deep thinking but know exactly when you should get out of that. When you hit the limit, a powerful nerve will shake vividly somewhere between the two hemispheres and force you not to proceed any further with the mental processing. Are you lost? It is alright, it is good to get lost once in a while, move back for a second like the painter who walks away from his painting, take a spherical view of it and then proceed. it is good to keep up with your past, the recent past, the day before today, or as much as you are able to track back trough time. It is all apart by means of time. Bring it all upon your self now and measure the progress.
What is this that keeps you in existence, what is this that proves your identity? Haven't you thought of the fact that what makes you different from me is that where you stand is the place you stand and I cannot be standing there at the same time. What proves my identity are only my memories, knowledge, experiences, events and things off this sort that if taken away from me I would cease to exist. It works the same way for you. Can I enter your personality and conquer what you rule right now?  Would you like to change your persona and be the emperor of China?
Built a well developed fence around your material body and let the quality pleasures trapped into it. Make all these accidental changes that occur everyday part of your reality. Come a little closer and you will see.