August 19, 2012

after some serious time away from any philosophical discussions due to the limits imposed on me by societal norms and traits I decided to reactivate my blog and start sharing non interesting discussions on relevant and irrelevant topics.

An intro to the thought i've been coming back to

he had quite some experiences that could have given him an adequate number of words to describe everyday phenomena. I tried to explain why my reality didn't seem to be so real under most occasions until i have come to the conclusion that there is no way to grasp other people's realities, thoughts and lifestyles. Any parameter used for comparison has been minimized. a comparison of who to be with what to expect and plan for is uncertain.

Judgements and conclusions should not be made by only thinking what the mind of the observer believes without fully understanding and examining all data, analyzing and testing all information before making a final statement.
Words tend to be used by many who in the process of unlocking specific truths about human nature,instincts, and behavior only answer their own prejudices and in their attempt to find  solutions to their questions they make false statements because they consider their limits to be of a universal nature.

Never assume sureness due to our lack of it, practicality is excluded.
sweet as they appear to be the figs, aren't, please don't eat them