November 26, 2011

Anasta and Gab were the people that followed by car at the appartment i live in the last year. I asked them and they said 'yes let's go'. We chilled for a couple of hours and next day i had to meet a few clients and although i had a 4 hour sleep i managed to wake and deliver the honey cakes to my colleques at the office, at first i thought they weren't enough to raise the sugar level for all on the 2nd floor but only a few pies were left and placed in the fridge for Monday's consumption. Mom was happy to hear that Driving in the city until afternoon i served a few customerrs and went home around 5pm. People came in for a drink and chit chat and finally Chris and Stef followed at Av  where Gab manages.Two Ursus on the rocks for each one and the brand new street outside Ministry of Defence together with the appetizers before made us not very into the music that has not been changed the last ten years, way too ordinary. Slept at Ch's and had a sandwich in the morning from the deli across the street, ride the silver kle500 home at noon where i facebooked with my wishers and then moved to eat chicken at home with family. went to aunt for a coffee and then home to sleep for a couple of hours. at trikoupi Mike was standing at the parking smiling; he was waiting Mina, bonjoured and moved in the loft for drinks with the boys and a talk with the short man on the way back home, fisss was with us and invincible and the tall guy later from the loft for acting stupid jumping on my car while he did not know it was mine. he felt so humiliated afterwards while making me seem the guy of the night. He was forgiven, all good. moved back and forth twice was weird but all felt like doing so before we lose ourselves in the music. perhaps I was the first to move back home around 230am cause tomorrow is a new day. standing still just like a rock, what else to do? no matter what is done I always belong. i am pleased with all, i have control of all, I will make it happen! you deserve it! sp--fy.