December 30, 2011

Evaluation of the year 2011
Ssearching the web for hours to find a reliable motorbike and begin the city finally bought a slightly used Aprilia strada factory 660. Nice, I have done 5000km in 6 the city also travelled to the other side which is occupied since 1974 broke up from a five year relationship with my x-girl because I thought i was too aggressive for her sensitive heart and decided to move on..i miss her's the city bought a crazy fitness set and 90kg to be used as a stress reliever and got passionate in the beginning but most of the time is used as a shirt hanger my friend G. announced that he is thinking to get married beginning of 2012 and that he feels i am suitable to be the first man! His future wife and a friend of mine is now pregnant almost ready to give birth to a girl. My buddy's fear. One time he said: G.can you imagine when she is ten years old and men begin to ask her out?' Did not do any travelling, i have been saving up to spend it all on drinks with friends and women, crazy parties but desperate hangovers and voice filled up with smoke. midyear went to a city close to ours and got my cousin and high school friend Dimitry hooked up. they developed a relationship and one day we all fucked it up and i sent them home. since then we are all quite. i do good at work but need to be more active and generate more sales. helping people everyday i got under stress ending of the year and need to cool down a little because this is no good. stress is contagious. avoid negative energy and do things for your self All in all the above are unfinished personal words. 2011 was much more interesting to be updated soon