March 5, 2007

Writing as blogging!

Blogging forces you to write.By writing you absorb your strongest thoughts and make them crystal clear after you put them on a paper. It could be anything from a food recipe to a new-venture businees plan. And i want to stand on the business plan for a while and mention that although a lot of people assume and find it more practical to keep everything up in the head in formulating and accomplishing a business plan there is a serious detail to consider...
I personally believe that having all the steps and resources in mind would be great but actually putting them down on paper could make all the difference in the world.
Companies like Pizza-Hut, Crate&Barrel and others, although didn't have an actual business plan to get started with ended up such a great success.These could be the exceptions!
A new enterpeneur will not be alone at least in the beginning of a start up since the person must approach investors and sponsors to support a specific idea and also convince them as well that the 'thing' is going to work and generate profit that will repay the effort and risk that has been taken/
In case the person is accurately charismatic in articulating perfectly..well, that's fair enough to avoid a comprehensive business plan of up to forty pages.
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