October 7, 2007

S tA R

It wasn't as bad as the news have predicted regarding the weather. People were walking down the streets with natural smiles on their faces, kids were running all over making cheerful noises and cars driving down the street others with the windows shut, up to the top, while others were more sociable and preferred to drive with the windows open so everybody could hear the bass coming out from their car. This is fun!
I was walking slowly since nobody was waiting me for brunch and everything seemed to be moving quite easy. She passed me right outside of Starbucks and she was giving out some kind of flyers that not many were bothered to even look at. I went in, it wasn't very crowded perhaps it was quite early or who knows why. I moved closer to the counter, ordered a cup of coffee and waited while it was getting prepared. The lady dressed in black and green enjoyed what she was doing back there in the barrister station and she greeted people while calling their order. I got the coffee, moved forward grabbed a straw and chose to sit at the table on the corner given that i had a variety of tables to choose from today. A big pile of New York Times was on the table next to me and was left there exposed. I got frightened from all this information perfectly placed there. It belonged to a blond lady who approached quickly pulling up her zipper, took a close look at the chair, removed something like a piece of threat from it and sat down literally with her nose in the newspapers. The phone rang. Oh, nice a friend called up, we haven't spoke to each other for a while and we quickly caught up with the latest business news, the benefits given in a public organization, especially banks and other. I spent the time outside, i didn't even notice how passionate we have been about that and almost half an hour passed by. The owner of the car I was leaning against comfortably, came up to the front door, his wife behind him,and opened the door without even looking at me. I hang-up, walked in the cafe', took my bag, cleaned off the table from a few sugar-paper leftovers and kept going. Oh, that was the same lady with the flyers I saw before. She was now standing right under the lights, whispering with her arm stretched forward. 'What are these?' i said and she went:' If you read the Bible, you will now understand how all the scripts mentioned in there, were all created by God.' 'Oh that's great. 'And who is God?' i asked with a swaggering smile on my face. I believe in God myself you know and i can almost say that you are the God yourself, and this man walking down there, and me.' 'No, she answers. God is only one.
His name is Jehovah!' she ensured me.

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